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If you are wanting to improve your technique and ability in the kitchen, it is important to think about the tools you are using. Even the best chef in the world is not going to make a restaurant-quality meal if they have substandard tools at their disposal. One of the reasons why chefs are able to make such incredible dishes at a quick pace is because they have every possible tool at their disposal.

One of the things you need to consider is buying knives and sharpeners that are of a high quality. Let us look at this statement and try to understand why we need knives and quality sharpeners.


The first thing you have to do when you enter the kitchen is take out all your ingredients and figure out what you want to cook. When that is done, it is time to start slicing, dicing and cutting up those ingredients. Even the simplest dishes will require slicing and dicing.

Perhaps you want to make a simple pasta dish. For the sauce, you will want to start by chopping up an onion or two and some other vegetables. Perhaps you have peppers and mushrooms on hand. Then you chop up the tomatoes and get the sauce started in a pan or pot.

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This process may sound simple, but it is frustrating to complete when you have a substandard knife. If the knife is too blunt, it will take you ages to cut up the simplest of vegetables. In contrast, a sharp knife gets it done instantly. You will barely have to use any force with a sharp knife, which helps you improve your technique too.


Why do you need sharpeners? Because you want to ensure your high quality, sharp knife stays in top condition for many years to come!