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Collecting some of the slipcover designs can be very nice in order to make your room appearance is not boring. Moreover, you can custom your own slipcover design which can fit the home concept and sofa size. It’s after careful research and taking opinions from experts you buy the affordable and comfortable sofa beds for your fabulous home, and it needs a slipcover to make the charm last longer.

To get the durable slipcover, there are some warning and instructions since improper cleaning can dull the woven threads and the color. Some people only know that it is able to be laundered. However, if you do not follow the special instruction attached on the sofa label, your slipcover can be wrinkled or there might be pills on the fabric. Certain fabrication only needs dry cleaning and some do not. To get the complete guides for cleaning the slipcover, you can read these following instructions.

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Read the instructions on the tag

Firstly, inside the slipcover, you will find the washing instruction. Sometimes there is written instruction that you should dry clean them or pre-washed them.

Clean the stains

Before you remove the slipcover, check if there are any stains on. You can spray the stain remover on the light stain. However, if the stain is quite hard, you can wipe it with the soap and the water first.

Remove the slipcover

Before you putting those into the washing machine, after taking them off the sofa, shake them off to remove the dust. it will make them cleaner. You can wash the cushion and the body slipcover separately because some are not fit in the washing machine.

Washing caution

Set the gentle spin to avoid wrinkles and fabrication damaging. For the light colored slipcover, use the hot water. in contrast, use the cold water for the dark color. After the washing finishes, rinse for once again without any detergent to completely remove the detergent from the slipcover. then, dry the slipcover for 10-15 minutes. Need to note that for the light colored slipcover like white, use the colorless detergent.

Iron the slipcover

To remove wrinkles, you can iron the slipcover but not entirely. Just iron the most wrinkled part. however, firstly check on the tag if it is safe to be ironed. If they are too fragile, you can just steam them. after ironing you can hang it on the outside to let it touches the air and completely dry. No need to dry  them under the direct sunlight. Especially for the dark colored slipcover, the sunlight can fade its color.

After you finish all those steps, now you can put them again on the sofa and fit all the corners. Do not let any looseness to avoid the wrinkles. If you are going to use the others, keep them properly. You can wrap them with the plastic with air circulation holes.

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