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The two comforters is very different

You would need the best comforter to get comfortable at bed. The down comforter could be the most popular type of comforter but you sure ever heard of down alternative comforter either. It stated to have many benefits for allergy sufferer. In common, both of them offer warmth and durability. When you choose one, surely you want to get the right comforter and here are some things that could help you out.


Down comforter VS Down alternative comforter

  1. The fill materials

While the popular belief says that down comforter is generally filled with feather. In fact, the down comforter filled with the soft and fluffy undercoating beneath the feathers on ducks and geese. In the other hand, the down alternative comforter filled with synthetic materials like rayon or polyester. In average, the manufacturers might use the wool in place of down and synthetic because wool itself is naturally had resistant to dust and allergens.

  1. Exterior Fabric

Overall, the exterior fabric for down comforter and down alternative comforter is a little bit similar. It was being made from the silk, synthetic blends and cotton. Usually the cotton is the most popular exterior fabric but you also could choose between various thread counts.

  1. Way of Care

The down comforter was fairly difficult to clean but you can choose the one that could be machine washed or dry cleaner while the down alternative comforter usually is machine washed.

  1. The Weight

In average, the down comforter weight heavier than regular down. It could be a little bit difficult for someone who prefers the light bedding. However, either down comforter or down alternative comforter is available in a wide range variety of weight.

  1. If You Have Allergies

The down comforter is very warm and comfortable but it could quite problematic for someone who have allergy suffer. Some other people might have an allergy to the undercoating used to fill down comforter while the others have allergic to the dust mites that usually live within down comforter. In the other hand, the down alternative comforter are perfectly safe for allergy suffer and fairly resistant to water and moisture.

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